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The Fill your funnel challenge

You’re About To Discover the Little Known Secrets for Creating a Flood of People Who Want to Buy What You're Selling! 

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Take The Challenge

Challenge The Status Quo

It is the challenges of life that make us a champion. I challenge you to build an extraordinary business and live an extraordinary life. Step up now! 


5 Day Commitment

1 hour per day for 5 days. 2 hours for VIPs. And a short homework assignment each day that will get you leads now. Get immersed in the process.

Final Result

Systems to Fill Your Funnels!

Level up by getting more perfect potential prospects into your funnel consistently!

This Class Is For

Coaches, Consultants, and Professional Service Providers

Beginner or advanced, this class will level you up.

You've Got a Business... You've Got a Funnel... Now Let's Get You Leads!
Transform the way you gENERATE LEADS & FILL YOUR FUNNEL
Learn To Promote Your Business, Generate Goodwill, and Enjoy the Process!
During this 5-day class, you'll learn the new way of marketing (both paid & organic) that generates massive goodwill in the marketplace, gets people to raise their hands and say they're interested, and ultimately enroll & buy! This class meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new heights.
Genesis believes people don't just buy on launch day...

Instead they buy every day with - their time, their clicks and posts and tweets - this is big data.

Understanding how to use big data allows us to be bigger than the competition, and it allows us to make a bigger impact.
Challenge Comunnity
Access to the Fill Your Funnel Challenge Facebook Group. You will be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are in the trenches, building their business, and growing like crazy!
your Messaging 
You will learn the secret to crafting simple messages that cause people to raise their hand.  Lead generation starts with putting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. 
your organic marketing
With the social tools available today, we'll build an organic marketing campaign together that will build goodwill with the marketplace and generate leads through consistently free (or low cost) efforts.
your paid marketing
You will learn the secrets to paid advertising on multiple platforms and the easiest ways you can produce a positive ROAS today.
your sales process
During the challenge, you'll see how simple and easy it is to generate leads today but the difference is in what you do with those leads after you get them. We'll tweak your sales process to insure you maximize your returns on marketing efforts.
Join the Challenge
Grab your ticket and join the challenge  today
5 immersive days. perfectly structured to get you results.
Learn to turn on the lead-generation faucet in your business to consistently bring new potential customers & clients in immediately!
Improve your skills drastically through in depth training sessions, projects, Q & A  and feedback sessions.
It is your world class offer curriculum being presented as an opportunity to level you up.
Day 1: Marketing Mindset
On the first day,  you get into the head of today's consumers and adjust your own mindset so that you can find the right people
  • ​Mindset Mastery: How World-Class Marketers Think
  • ​Debunk common marketing & advertising myths
  • ​Learn the differences of "Old School" vs "New School" marketing (and how to get attention in today's world)
  • ​Master the marketing methods that build goodwill AND influence people to buy
Day 2: Messaging
On the second day, you will now craft a stronger (and more persuasive) message to attract the right buyers and get them to take action
  • ​Communication Mastery: How to craft messages that sell
  • ​Learn the message-to-market-match formula to insure you're attracting buyers instead of tire-kickers
  • The formulas for copywriting success (amateurs and pros alike will improve their conversions with these!)​
Day 3: Organic Marketing
On the third day, you will now take that message to an organic marketing platform and start generating leads... for FREE!
  • ​Organic Mastery: Learn how and where to post your message to start generating leads organically
  • ​Discover which platforms are the best for you and your audience
  • Learn the formulas for building goodwill AND selling at the same time    
  • Create your own community of consistent buyers and build your own platform  
Day 4: Paid Marketing
On the fourth day, you will learn the key to all business wealth: learning to turn advertising into profit!
  • Paid Mastery: Learn and set up paid ads that will get you leads... immediately.
  • Learn the simplest (and most effective) way to advertise today without risking more than $5/day
  • ​Learn how to read your results and build on your campaigns to make them massively profitable
Day 5: Your Sales Systems
By the fifth day of this challenge, you'll see how easy it is to generate leads... the challenge is what do you do when you get them!?
  • Sales Systems: Learn How To Evaluate and Improve Your Sales Process to Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates
  • Discover little-known tricks to making your leads & prospects FEEL GOOD about buying (and build even more goodwill)!
  • ​See how your business can out-perform the competition with the simple things that make customer experiences great
Learn From The Best Because He's Obsessed... STEPHEN HILGART

During this class you will learn closely guarded secrets that previously Stephen has only shared in his high-end masterminds!

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who is already generating 5, 6 or even 7 figures per month, you are going to gain knowledge about marketing, advertising, and generating leads that you didn't know existed.

5 days-perfectly structured
A New Kind Of Challenge
I know what you are probably thinking... "Not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge!" 

Well, you're right. It's not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge, it is the most comprehensive, yet simple to understand, LIVE 5-day training designed to help you fill your funnel, and build enough goodwill with your customers that they thank you for making the offer! 

You've built a course, you have a service to offer, but there's always one key thing businesses need... PEOPLE!

Let's build a funnel-filling machine so that you can turn the lead-generating faucet on.
Challenges Create Champions... Are You Up For A Challenge?
Why this challenge?

Remember, everything that feels good isn't good and everything that feels bad isn't bad! Sometimes the best way to learn and then master a new skill is to have a challenge to overcome! The challenges that life sometimes throws our way are the very things that make us strong enough to stay "There" when we get "There". (Regardless of where "There" is for us). 
Allow me to introduce you to some of my students who were up for the challenge...
Both Expert And Community Support...
Share your struggles and massive wins within the Fill Your Funnel community. Empower your expectations, eliminate your excuses and explode with execution with The Fill Your Funnel Challenge! 

Imagine being surrounded by supportive and like-minded entrepreneurs who are on the same mission! Imagine having a coach and mentor who has personally built 3 multi-million dollar businesses, and made his clients many, many, MORE millions guiding, pulling back the curtain, and showing you the secrets that are only known by the masters!
Imagine Making Offers Both During The Challenge And For Years After It Ends...

You will make your first marketing campaigns after the first class and see the results in real-time for the rest of the week.  

1. Your Marketing Messaging - This ensures you never run out of things to say that builds interest and gets people to take action...

2. Your Organic Marketing - Build goodwill with your marketplace by sharing great content through multiple social media channels (and offers, too!)

3. Your Paid Advertising - Directly get someone to take action on what you have to offer and hear the most beautiful words an entrepreneur can hear... Return On Ad Spend!

4. Your Sales Systems - Once you generate the leads, what do you do with them? We'll show you exactly how to build follow-up systems that win clients over long after you've made your initial offer. 

There Are 2 Ways To Step Up To The Challenge

Live Challenge Times...Mon-Fri November 29 - December 3rd 2021
The Recordings Will Be In The Facebook Group Till Sunday Night 12/5/2021 At 11:59pm

You Must Attend Live! Recordings Will Be Removed Sunday 12/5/21 At 11:59pm

10:00am PST

General Adminssion

Yes, I'm IN!

$97  $1

10:00am - 12:00pm PST

VIP Experience

Yes, I'm IN!

$297  $97

General Admission Experience

Here's What You Get...

  •  5 Days Of Marketing Training With Stephen Hilgart
  • Access To Fill Your Funnel Challenge FB Group
  •  A Digital Copy Of The Definitive Guide To Getting More Leads, Customers, Clients, and Sales Online
  • ​Free Access For 2 Weeks to The Path (our high-end weekly coaching group) 
  • ​Dominate the marketplace by building goodwill and developing superior marketing. 
  • ​How consistently and systematically FILL YOUR FUNNEL!

VIP Experience

Here's What You Get...

  •  5 Days Of Marketing Training With Stephen Hilgart
  • Access To Fill Your Funnel Challenge FB Group
  • ​A Digital Copy Of The Definitive Guide To Getting More Leads, Customers, Clients, and Sales Online
  • ​​Free Access For 1 MONTH  to The Path (our high-end weekly coaching group)   
  • ​The Map: The EXACT Gameplan to Double or Triple Your Business in a Single Year Master Class (Value $97)
  • ​SCALE RECORDINGS: A previous 5-Day Program built to rapidly Scale Your Business) (Value $197)
  • ​Dominate the marketplace by building goodwill and developing superior marketing. 
  • ​VIP Post Game Q&A Plus High Level Coaching For Your Current Marketing & Offers
  • ​How consistently and systematically FILL YOUR FUNNEL!
still have questions? here are some answers
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is this class for?
Entrepreneurs with products and services they would like to sell more of. If you are a course creator, coach, or professional service provider looking to reach your maximum potential in business, then this class is for you.

Q: Who is this class not for?
Wantrepreneurs and business opportunity seekers. This class is not a shiny object to be added to your collection of courses, books, and videos that you still have never gone through. If you are curious about business but not serious, please don't waste your money or our time. 
Q: How much is the training?
There are 2 ways to participate in The Fill Your Funnel Challenge. The General Admission Experience is only $97 and the VIP Experience is only $297 for the exclusive VIP ticket which includes the post-Q&A and VIP Coaching with Stephen Hilgart on your specific needs & desires.
Q: How is this different than your courses or free content on marketing?
While I do have content available on sales and marketing your products and services, this is my core content curated in a way to produce a specific result: get you lead-generating assets in your business. With most free training (mine included), there is no clear outcome. This 5-Day challenge is about building your marketing machine and filling your funnel in real-time. I'm going to give you specific strategies to try out immediately to gain momentum!
Q: Are the challenge classes live?
Yes, classes will be live. Although the classes will be live and recorded you won't be able to purchase the recordings so you will need to watch the challenge live or watch the recordings for the limited time they will be posted in the Facebook group (the recordings will be live in the Facebook group until Sunday night Dec 5th at 11:59pm. At that time they will be permanently removed.).
Q: How does the 5 day challenge work?
Each day we will have a morning training complete with a Q&A session in the evening that way you are encouraged to complete the tasks within the window provided and ask questions in the evening should you have any.
Q: Will I get direct feedback from Stephen?
Yes, if you have the VIP Experience you will have live Q & A' s daily where you can ask anything covered in the challenge. If you have General Admission you will have the ability to listen to the Q&A but not to ask questions directly. But your questions will more than likely be asked by someone in the VIP Experience. 

Become A Lead Generating, Funnel-Filling, Marketing Machine... Join The Challenge TODAY

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